Brook Run Skate Park is Alive!

From a recent email:

“I notice that the brook run website has not been updated in almost a year. i know the kids still go it for information, so it would be nice to see some regular updates, i do sympathize with the difficulties of bringing together a community project.”

Aaaargh. Sucks to get called out – but then again, we have some new great photos to share!

– Enjoy.



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4 responses to “Brook Run Skate Park is Alive!

  1. Thanks! so much for posting these pics. When your kids don’t take the typical sports route it can be challenging to connect and find related ways to encourage their progress and provide meaningful feedback. Posting pics of them in action is a great way to display just how awesome they are.

  2. CAIN

    I love this park! Ever since i first started riding here, i’ve been recruiting more and more of my DH/DJ friends to ride here.

    i’ll try to get some pic’s to share. i like to see a site like this stay active.

    til then..

  3. jd

    Its great what you guys do for the kids with the skateboarding lessons,but I was wondering what about adults that want to learn how to skateboard? Is there maybe something you guys can offer?

  4. C. Heard

    any camps planned this summer?

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