Sunday Sent Something “Worth”while

Ok, stupid title, but see the skater in the pic, his name is Worth …and his wife, who took the pic, well – her name is Sunday.

I apologize. It’s Wednesday and I’m just not right.

Enjoy the pic.

Worth Grant skaing Brook Run



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5 responses to “Sunday Sent Something “Worth”while

  1. Way to go, Sunday! Nice shot!

  2. WOW! Great shot Sunday! I love how Worth is almost hanging on the edge with his shadow below him. Very cool!

  3. …yo – don’t forget to give the post-processor some credit — sheesh…

    Just kidding – nice photo Sunday.

  4. Jen

    Ok nice pun post guy! …and nice choice of photographer and subject! Great job Sunday! Gorgeous photo! Good job Worth! Keep the tour going!

  5. tyler sobota

    yo nice shot sunday that kicks!!!

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