Brook Run Skate Park is Alive!

From a recent email:

“I notice that the brook run website has not been updated in almost a year. i know the kids still go it for information, so it would be nice to see some regular updates, i do sympathize with the difficulties of bringing together a community project.”

Aaaargh. Sucks to get called out – but then again, we have some new great photos to share!

– Enjoy.


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Skate Shop Of Athens | Skate Photography Show

Got an email from Rick 66, new owner of Skate Shop Of Athens:

Friday May 2nd, 8:00 pm

Skateboard Photography by Chad Osburn

Skate Shop Of Athens
50 Gaines School Road

Go look at some pics and get some stoke.

Skate Photography gig in Athens

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Be Seen | Numero Uno at Google

Brook run skate park search results at Google now ranks number one at Google for the following searches:

  • brook run skate park
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Our site also ranks fourth for:

  • brook run

and, third for:

  • Brook Run

Also, our Flickr site for skate photos from Brook Run is also top ten for most searches related to Brook Run Skate Park.

This site is designed to showcase skateboarders, inline skaters, BMX hotshots, and anyone else who would like to get some exposure in the extreme sports/skatepark genre.

Send your pics to: run50miles [at] and Be Seen!


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Brook Run in Atlanta Parent Magazine

Check us out in the March 2008 issue of Atlanta Parent Magazine. The magazine is doing a story titled, Skate Parks: “Drop In” For a Spin, and showcased our site as the recommended site for the skate park.

See, even mainstream media understands that to be successful you must be current, relevant, informative and interesting. Thanks Atlanta Parent Magazine. Just for that, we’re going to show you some link love. Visit: Atlanta Parent

Atlanta Parent Magazine lists Brook Run Skateboard Park

Take a second to read the Cool Features section. How many people think this was written by someone with skate knowledge?

Oh well – at least the publication is sharing the stoke and not taking the path to least resistance by bashing skateboarding, skaters and the entire genre as a whole.

We’ll take it.

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Sunday Sent Something “Worth”while

Ok, stupid title, but see the skater in the pic, his name is Worth …and his wife, who took the pic, well – her name is Sunday.

I apologize. It’s Wednesday and I’m just not right.

Enjoy the pic.

Worth Grant skaing Brook Run


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It Was Fun While It Lasted

There’s new article in the wildly famous Dunwoody Crier publication exposing the lack of attendance and revenues being generated by the Brook Run Skate Park.

As is typical with media, they play opportunists, and wait until the dead of winter to call the park a failure.

It’s pretty logical to assume the attendance will be down in winter and up in the spring and summer months. Amazing how that works…

Read for yourself:

Skate park revenues, attendance lagging

…then, of course the Dunwoody North Civic Association, haters of the park from day one of it’s announcement, jumped all over the story. They’d love to see the park fail and become a place for their dogs to pee.

The solution is simple, as I posted in comment on the Civic Association web site:

“Man – it’s funny when local government scratches their head when business considerations are presented. This is a slam dunk…”

>> More of my comment left at the Civic Association blog

Let us know your thoughts…


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Skateboard Lessons at Brook Run Skate Park

Skateboard Lessons for kids at Brook Run Skate ParkAccording to the Dunwoody North Civic Association, Brook Run Skate Park is offering skateboard lessons on Saturdays, beginning at at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 12:00 p.m.

This is a great thing for the park and newer, or younger, skaters. All group lessons take place before the park opens to the public. This provides plenty of space for the skate newbie and limited concern for getting run over or looking “inexperienced” to the crowd. Good move Brook Run Skate Staff.

Cost: $25.00 and includes entire day of skating after the lesson

Lesson Times: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Lesson type: Group

Equipment: Helmets required and each skater must have their own skateboard

Requirements: Please bring a signed parental consent waiver

For more information about the Brook Run Skate Park or group lessons, please contact the Manager, Mr. John Korg at 770-394-5703.


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